Caregiver Education From Your Site

You Provide What Caregivers Need.

1-in-5 people in your service area are actively providing care today, and they need help. They need support and education, and you can help them. Give them e-Caregiving.

Easy to Use.

e-Caregiving is easy to use. Designed from the ground up to be easy to access, easy to navigate. Clean, simple, concise, and easy to understand.

e-Caregiving is sensitive to your caregiver audience, with adjustable text sized for easy reading, clear presentation, no ad clutter, simple and instructive graphics.

Educationally Sound.

e-Caregiving first leads the reader through basic caregiving skills. e-Caregiving is an organized, planned curriculum to teach the important skills and knowledge.

Disease and condition specifics are taught next, in a holistic manner, with awareness of the multiple conditions most patients experience today.

e-Caregiving is approachable. e-Caregiving does a great job of explaining clinical terms in plain language, important for effective communication with professional providers.

Clinically Sound.

e-Caregiving is evidence-based. Content is based on peer-reviewed, published research wherever available.

e-Caregiving is real-world. Content is tempered by real-life in-home caregiver issues, concerns, and knowledge deficits, discovered through 15 years of questions posed to newspaper columns on family caregiving.

e-Caregiving is fresh. Emerging research is reviewed weekly for opportunities to improve care and caregiver education.

Technically Sound.

e-Caregiving works on any device. It responsively re-formats content to suit the device. No more squinting to view a shrunken page on your smartphone.

e-Caregiving is fast. Hosted content is delivered quickly to your web browser. Your caregivers may not notice it's fast, but they would certainly notice if it wasn't.

e-Caregiving requires one link from your existing web presence. That's it! That's all the installation required, and e-Caregiving begins to work for You. And your caregivers.

...and You are the Source.

For your caregivers, you are the source of their comfort, and their confidence.

For your referral sources, you are the source of improved outcomes for their patients.

For your community, you are the source of the best standard of care.

Teach your Caregivers how to Care.

Now You Know.

This is the third in our series introducing you to e-Caregiving, and the value of caregiver education to you, your patients, their families and friends, and to your community.

Isn't it time you reached out to e-Caregiving? Start achieving these outcomes today.

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