Reduce Readmissions with

Engaged Caregivers Reduce Readmissions.

A recent metaanalysis of 15 prior studies found that engaging caregivers reduces readmissions 25% within 90 days of discharge, and 24% within 180 days of discharge. The analysis was conducted by Dr. Juleen Rodakowski and colleagues.

These are remarkable findings.

If you provide healthcare today, you have ready access to a powerful means of reducing readmissions.

Among the studies analyzed, the majority applied some form of caregiver education. Interventions included medications reconciliation, teach back or learning validations, caregiver assessments, and written instructions.

The diseases and conditions, the geography, the age groups, even the professional role of the "interventionist" varied significantly among the studies. The researchers concluded that caregiver engagement's beneficial effect is broad. This analysis illustrates that though much has been known about the value of Caregivers, it has often been only acknowledged for a specific disease or a particular form of Caregiver intervention. e-Caregiving believes the benefit is universal.

See the full study: "Caregiver Integration During Discharge Planning for Older Adults to Reduce Resource Use: A Metaanalysis" by Juleen Rodakowski, OTD, MS, Philip B. Rocco, PhD, Maqui Ortiz, BA, Barbara Folb, MM, MLS, MPH, Richard Schulz, PhD, Sally C. Morton, PhD, Sally Caine Leathers, MS, Lu Hu, PhD, and A. Everette James, JD, MBA, was published April 3 2017 by the Journal of The American Geriatitrics Society, DOI:10.1111/jgs.14873.

Informal Caregiver can profoundly influence patient success. Informal Caregivers are usually spouses or adult children living with the patient. In-home caregivers are frequently present, assisting patients with most facets of life. Help Caregivers to be effective in their caregiving.

You and your patients benefit when Caregivers are engaged and effective. Teach your Caregivers how to Care.

Engaged Caregivers Reduce Post-Discharge Costs.

How Can You Educate Your Caregivers?

Use the e-Caregiving material as the foundation. e-Caregiving brands the organized, concise curriculum for your organization, to fit into your program. We provide the content, you provide the connection.

Discharge Planners introduce Caregivers prior to discharge. Conduct a brief meeting during the discharge process to ensure Caregivers understand how to access the information.

Community outreach through your web presence. All you need is a link from an appropriate area of your site.

Community outreach through instructor-led course offerings. Use the e-Caregiving guide as a "textbook" to cover essential topics. e-Caregiving suggests an introductory session, followed by a selection of a chosen disease- or condition-specific topics.

Individual family instruction by your Home Health professional staff. Use e-Caregiving as a teaching guide and easily-accessible electronic reference for your caregiver instructees. Followup "homework" assignments with teach back on subsequent visits.

Innovative Caregiving Solutions, LLC the developer of e-Caregiving, can provide program assessment and implementation assistance.

The most fundamental assistance you can provide Caregivers is education.Teach your Caregivers how to Care.



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